Saturday, 2 June 2007

Almost upon me

Less than 48 hours away from embarking on my first real adventure. The last week has been increasingly exciting and despite having two leaving parties, my mind has been floating like deadwood on the sea's surface.

I realise as I go away what an excellent support network I have, my family and friends have been fantastic, supportive and make we almost burst with happiness at the good fortune I have...

Now away from the soppiness and onto the task in hand. 6,000 km (MInimum) here we go. I have been in the park trying to layer a little bit of sun on my skin, so I don't get burnt to a cinder when on the road. I have taken the bike fully laden on a couple of short rides, no problem so far.

My housemates, I an and ROland, will be tkng Richard's and my panniers to Dover in a car, whilst we take the train. Come on, it's not cheating. We arrive in Calais for 12:30 European time and will make our way to Dunkirk for our first night, a 40km ride to ease us in. Unlike me, Richard has been working his arse off full-time and so he will be shattered on arrival.

Up with the tent, a stroll to the beach and first dip in the sea. The next day Roland and Ian leave us to it and head back to London, while Richard and I continue across the beach border, which seperates France and Belgium, towards Oostend. The rest is a mystery...

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